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NY Lotto

NY Lotto is not as popular now a days as probably in his glory days, but still NY Lotto is the biggest lottery in state. This is the only Lottery game that has a rolling jackpot.

The New York Lotto began in 1978. The jackpot for NY Lotto in the late 1990s was $3 million or $4 million, and its first roll over advertised at $10 million. In 2019, the minimum rollover was reduced by the Lottery Commission to $100,000 in part due to poor sales.

Before that lottery ticket won the jackpot, someone had to buy it.”

NY Lotto jackpot history is incredible, the biggest jackpot win by a single player is $65 Million in 2007

New York Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 08:15 PM Eastern Time. So, you have a deadline to book your numbers to try your luck to win the jackpot is 15 minutes before the draw takes place. You can choose your numbers yourself, or you also have the quick-pick option for choosing random numbers for your draw.

You can also purchase New York Lotto Numbers online or through the Lotto app.

NY Lotto entry cost is $1 for 2 panels. Each Lottery slip has a limit of 10 entries on it, which would cost $5. If you already have a Lottery ticket from the previous 30 days drawing maximum, you can ask your authorized retailer to play it again and received an identical entry for the next drawing.

NY Lotto features a 6/59 matrix, which means you must pick 6 numbers between 1 t 59.

Rules are simple. If your numbers matched with official draw numbers, which is announced by the New York Lottery Commission. So, you are the winner of the jackpot.

Moreover, a seventh bonus number is also drawn to determine the second prize winner. There is a total of five tiers.

The big prize or jackpot prize starts at $2 million and its value is increasing by $300,000 for each draw until some lucky person wins it.


NY Lotto Nov 02 2022 Results – New York Winning Numbers


NY Lotto Nov 02 2022 Results

NY Lotto Nov 02 2022 Results – The NY Lotto Nov 02 2022 draw is being related today (i.e., Wednesday) by Network State Gaming Commission. The New York Lottery always conducts lotto live drawing’s day are Wednesday & Saturday at 10:00 p.m., ET.

The lottery tickets can be purchased up to 30 min prior, i.e. (09:30 PM ET) to the live drawing NY Lotto Drawings.

Not only, but New York Lotto is also one of the most inspiring and most popular lottery games. It also increases various ways of winning and also furnishes income for child schools opportunity.

Here you can find New York lotto Numbers, Winning Numbers, and payout for Wednesday, Nov 02, 2022 and also view the NY Lotto live drawing results, payout, jackpot prize, history, and lottery game information for Nov 02.,2022.

Congratulations NY Lotto Nov 02 2022 winners

DateNew York

Lotto Results



New York

Lotto Payout

Wednesday, Nov 02, 20227-13-18-22-38-4744$9.1 Million


Here we have the latest and recent New York Lotto for the result today Nov 02,2022 released by the New York lottery authority

NY Lotto Nov 02 2022 Results

The table below has the result summary of the New York Lotto lottery held today:

NY Lotto Nov 02 2022 Results

EST Jackpot prize $9.1 Million

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New York Lotto Past Winning Numbers

Drawing DateLottery NamePast Winning NumbersBonus
02 Nov 2022Wednesday 7-13-18-22-38-4744 
29 October 2022Saturday23-25-39-47-51-5230
26 October 2022Wednesday 2-24-28-38-45-5947 
22 October 2022Saturday 3-6-22-41-43-50 5
19 October 2022Wednesday 2-17-23-34-49-5032 
15 October 2022Saturday 37-41-43-47-50-5624 
12 October 2022Wednesday 2-11-27-28-40-50 1
08 October 2022Saturday 1-7-17-38-44-5449 

* The New York Lotto is also called New York Numbers Evening. The result of winning numbers on this page for today is the same as that of NY Lotto result on Nov 02 ,2022.

Lotto began in 1978. In the late 1990s, the starting Lotto jackpot was $3 million or $4 million, with the first rollover advertised at $10 million. The jackpot (annuity option paid in 26 graduated payments) was reduced from $3 million to $2 million in May 2013. In September 2019, the minimum rollover was reduced to $100,000 in part due to poor sales.

The single largest win on New York Lotto was $65 million won by one ticket holder in Sunnyside, NY in August 2007.

Here you can find NY Lotto winning numbers for today i.e. Nov 02, 2022 and also of past 30 days, last week, and year for NY Numbers.

The rules to play New York Lotto Game, a simple

  • Each NY lotto entry costs $1 for two different lines of, numbers, and you must be 18 years or older to be able to buy a ticket. Each play slip has a maximum of 10 entries on it, which would cost $5 if you want to play them all.
  • NY Lotto is a draw game, with 6 main numbers and 1 bonus ball being selected from a mechanical drum containing 59 balls. You need to choose six numbers for each entry you make. If you match all six main numbers, you will win the jackpot! Other prizes are awarded for matching five main numbers and the bonus ball, five main numbers on their own, and also for matching four or three numbers.
  • Select several types of play including state play and box play and under these play types you have to match your chosen numbers with those drawn in the lottery to win various prizes.
  • You should sign the backside of the ticket and if you win a prize, you can show the Evening ticket as proof.

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