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CA Powerball July 13 2022 Results – California Winning Numbers


CA Powerball July 13 2022 Results

CA Powerball July 13 2022 – The CA Powerball July 13, 2022 lottery draw is being related today (i.e., Wednesday ) by Network State Gaming Commission.  The California Lottery always conducts CA Powerball live drawings Wednesday, Satudday, and  Monday at 10:59 p.m. The lottery tickets can be purchased up to 15 min prior, i.e. (10:44 PM ET) to the live drawing CA Powerball of Drawings.

Not only California CA Powerball is one of the most inspiring and most popular lottery games. It also increases various ways of winning and also furnishes income for child schools’ opportunity.

California joined Powerball (offered in 46 jurisdictions) on January 31, 2010, after a cross-sell agreement allowed the game to be sold alongside Mega Millions. Powerball is the US drawing game with the highest prize potential.

Here you can find California CA Powerball, Winning Numbers, and payout for Wednesday, July 13, 2022 and also view the CA Powerball lottery live drawing results, payout, jackpot prize, history, and lottery game information for July 13.,2022.

Congratulations CA Powerball July 13 2022 winners

DateBlack BallsRed BallsPayout
Wednesday, July 13, 202222-23-47-63-3602  $ 66Million

                                                                                                                                                                 Power Play: 

California Double Play July 13 2022

DateDelaware  Powerball Double PlayRed Balls
Wednesday, July 13, 202217-37-32-21-1408


Here we have the latest and recent California Powerball CA for the result today July 13,2022 released by the California lottery authority

 CA Powerball July 13 2022 Results

The table below has the result summary of the California, CA Powerball lottery held today


CA Powerball July 13 2022 Results

Jackpot prize $ Million

Cash value: $ Million


CA Powerball Past 30 Days Winning Numbers:

Drawing DateLottery NamePast Winning NumbersPowerballPower Play
13 July 2022CA Powerball  22-23-47-63-36     02      2x 
11 July 2022CA Powerball  52-37-34-04-26     09       2x 
09 July 2022CA Powerball  42-22-52-46-14     24      3x
06 July 2022CA Powerball 36-32-69-49-62     13      2x
02 July 2022CA Powerball 59-10-09-37-62     26          3x
29 June 2022CA Powerball 63-40-8-49-58      14       3x
27 June 2022CA Powerball 11-13-18-30-37      16      3x
25 June 2022CA Powerball 12-20-32-27-6     04       3x
22 June 2022CA Powerball  6-10-31-48-56 122x 
20 June 2022CA Powerball  3-44-61-63-69 132x 
18 June 2022CA Powerball 40-45-10-19-58252x
15 June 2022CA Powerball 28-19-42-41-51072x
13 June 2022CA Powerball 02-44-42-51-27252x
11 June 2022CA Powerball 26-53-69-20-1805 2x 
08 June 2022CA Powerball  22-39-43-62-64 074x 
06 June 2022CA Powerball 10-02-44-35-46 042x 
04 June 2022CA Powerball 60-52-14-16-36163x
01 June 2022CA Powerball 41-56-63-11-5702 
30 May 2022CA Powerball 27-28-51-68-69222x
28 May 2022CA Powerball 66-50-61-39-02152x
25 May 2022CA Powerball 42-19-28-39-57173x
23 May 2022CA Powerball 42-37-33-01-39262x
21 May 2022CA Powerball 15-52-25-58-14112x
18 May 2022CA Powerball 64-41-40-58-65173x
16 May 2022CA Powerball 07-22-15-36-64132x
14 May 2022CA Powerball 06-52-40-45-41093x
11 May 2022CA Powerball 61-05-07-69-63182x
09 May 2022CA Powerball 18-56-30-35-52052x
07 May 2022CA Powerball 05-28-06-67-04102x
04 May 2022CA Powerball 55-63-69-39-37232x
02 May 2022CA Powerball 18-39-44-33-27083x
30 April 2022CA Powerball 21-37-44-63-1413x
27 April 2022CA Powerball 62-68-61-11-36042x
25 April 2022CA Powerball 18-61-12-39-20102x
23 April 2022CA Powerball 49-10-56-39-4783x
20 April 2022CA Powerball 55-30-56-20-45142x
18 April 2022CA Powerball 08-33-59-55-62182x
16 April 2022CA Powerball 62-32-15-65-21265x
13 April 2022CA Powerball 63-68-41-16-14262x
11 April 2022CA Powerball 05-34-24-31-0742x
09 April 2022CA Powerball 6-16-31-62-66182x
06 April 2022CA Powerball 6-42-45-47-64 183x
04 April 2022CA Powerball 2-32-39-46-6962x
02 April 2022CA Powerball 6-28-47-58-59182x
30 March 2022CA Powerball 37-03-31-21-07113x
28 March 2022CA Powerball 62-11-18-58-3932x
26 March 2022CA Powerball 2-50-10-59-61063x
23 March 2022CA Powerball 37-38-31-32-48242x
21 March 2022CA Powerball 26-15-65-63-01162x

 Powerball CA Lottery past winning numbers

Here you can find CA Powerball lottery winning numbers for today i.e. April 30,2022 and also of the past 20 days, last week, and year for CA Powerball.

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