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The NE Powerball draw is being related by Network State Gaming Commission. The NE Powerball lived drawings are conducted on Wednesday and Saturday. Nebraska joined the Powerball Lottery in 1994.

NE Powerball September 24 2022 Results – Nebraska Lottery Powerball Numbers


NE Powerball September 24 2022 Results

NE Powerball September 24 2022 Results – The NE Powerball September 24 2022 draw is being related today (i.e., Saturday ) by Government of Nebraska. The NE Numbers lived drawings are conducted Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 10:59 PM CT by the Nebraska lottery. The lottery tickets can be purchased up to 10 min prior, i.e. (10:49 PM ET) to the live drawing NE Powerball Drawings.

Not only NE Powerball is one of the most inspiring and most popular lottery games. It also increases various ways of winning and also furnishes income for child schools’ opportunity.

Here you can find  Nebraska Powerball lottery Numbers, Winning Numbers, and payout for Saturday , September 24, 2022 and also view the NE Powerball lottery live drawing results, payout, jackpot prize, history, and lottery game information for September 24.,2022.

Congratulations NE Powerball September 24 2022 winners

Here we have the latest and recent Nebraska Powerball for the result today September 24,2022 released by the Nebraska lottery authority

Drawing DateBlack BallsRed BallsPayout
Saturday , September 24, 2022Coming soon           –         $270 Million

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cash value: $145.5 Million

 NE Double Play September 24 2022 Results

DateOhio Double PlayRed BallsTop Prizes
Saturday , September 24, 2022Coming soon$10 Million


 Get Quietest NE Powerball September 24 2022 Results Summary

NE Powerball September 24 2022 Results


NE Powerball – 

Saturday, September 24, 2022 – Evening Draw (10:59 p.m., CT)

EST. Jackpot $270 Million

Find here Today’s Nebraska Powerball winning Numbers for September 24, 2022 and the past 30 days winning numbers. View more for 7, 10, and 60 days live drawing data of winning numbers for the Ohio Powerball lottery. The table below highlights the Drawing date, day, past winning numbers, jackpot prize, and number of winners for the specific day and date.

 NE Powerball past 30 Days winning numbers

Moreover, view here Nebraska Powerball lottery winning numbers, numbers of winners, and jackpot prizes for September 24, 2022, last week, month, and year in the below table.

Drawing DateLottery NamePast Winnin-g-0 NumbersPowerballPower Play
24 Sep  2022NE Powerball
21 Sep  2022NE Powerball6-33-34-45-547x2
19 Sep  2022NE Powerball7-15-36-46-67     7    x2
17 Sep  2022NE Powerball 5-25-36-51-61      1       x3
14 Sep  2022NE Powerball9-10-20-22-5225x3
12 Sep  2022NE Powerball66-14-34-06-16     25       x3
10 Sep  2022NE Powerball38-42-56-68-694x2
07 Sep  2022NE Powerball3-16-30-33-3620x3
05 Sep  2022NE Powerball04-07-55-32-6425x2
03 Sep  2022NE Powerball18-27-49-65-699x2
31 Aug 2022NE Powerball24-19-7-8-281        x2
29 Aug 2022NE Powerball13-36-43-61-6918        x3
27 Aug 2022NE Powerball 2-18-56-60-6514        x3
24 Aug 2022NE Powerball37-35-06-24-4422       x4
20 Aug 2022NE Powerball 5-9-11-16-66  7       2z
17 Aug 2022NE Powerball23-28-41-50-55  24       2z
15 Aug 2022NE Powerball20-24-47-50-63   5       2x
10 Aug 2022NE Powerball68-59-61-44-29   19       2x
08 Aug 2022NE Powerball58-45-51-57-32    12       2x
06 Aug 2022NE Powerball15-08-46-56-68      03       2x
03 Aug 2022NE Powerball9-21-56-57-66      11       2x
01 Aug 2022NE Powerball31-65-36-15-21      16       3x
30 Jul 2022NE Powerball17-04-58-68-57      12       3x
27 Jul 2022NE Powerball25-55-01-44-57      26       2x
25 Jul 2022NE Powerball25-37-38-39-65      05       2x
23 Jul 2022NE Powerball 39-41-54-59-62      12        3x
20 Jul 2022NE Powerball10-20-23-49-65223x
18 Jul 2022NE Powerball14-34-36-50-5853x
16 Jul 2022NE Powerball23-57-32-18-03212x
13 Jul 2022NE Powerball22-23-47-63-36022x
11 Jul 2022NE Powerball52-37-34-04-26092x
09 Jul 2022NE Powerball42-22-52-46-14243x
06 Jul 2022NE Powerball36-32-69-49-62132x
04 Jul 2022NE Powerball16-15-56-31-24042x
29 June 2022NE Powerball59-10-09-37-62263x
27 June 2022NE Powerball11-13-18-30-3716 3x 
15 June 2022NE Powerball28-19-42-41-51072x
13 June 2022NE Powerball02-44-42-51-27252x
11 June 2022NE Powerball26-53-69-20-18052x
08 June 2022NE Powerball22-39-43-62-64074x 
06 June 2022NE Powerball10-02-44-35-46042x
04 June 2022NE Powerball60-52-14-16-36163x
01 June 2022NE Powerball41-56-63-11-57022x
30 May 2022NE Powerball27-28-51-68-69222x
28 May 2022NE Powerball66-50-61-39-02152x
25 May 2022NE Powerball42-19-28-39-57173x
23 May 2022NE Powerball42-37-33-01-39262x
21 May 2022NE Powerball15-52-25-58-14112x

Powerball jackpot paid out have the option of receiving their prize as an annuity or a cash lump sum. In the annuity option, the jackpot is split into 30 annual payments paid over 29 years. To compare the two options, see our annuity cash converter tool.

Ticket Cost

  • $2 per play.
  • $1 to add Power Play.
  • $1 to add Double Play (available in participating jurisdictions).

Prizes must be claimed of the winning ticket within the year of the drawing

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