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CT Lotto October 28 2022 Results – Connecticut Lottery Draw & Jackpot


CT Lotto October 28 2022 Results

CT Lotto October 28 2022 Results – The CT Lotto October 28 2022 draw is being related today (i.e., Friday ) by  Connecticut Public Act 96-212 The CT Numbers lived drawings are conducted Tuesday & Friday at 10:59 PM ET by the Connecticut lottery. The lottery tickets can be purchased up to 15 mins prior, i.e. (10:44 PM ET) to the live drawing Lotto CT .

Not only Connecticut Lotto is one of the most inspiring and most popular lottery games. It also increases various ways of winning and also furnishes income for child schools’ opportunity.

Here you can find  Connecticut CT Lotto Numbers, Winning Numbers, and payout for Friday , October 28, 2022 and also view the CT Lotto lottery live drawing results, payout, jackpot prize, history, and lottery game information for October 28, 2022.

Congratulations CT Lotto October 28 2022 winners

DateCT Lotto Winning




Friday, October 28, 2022Coming soon$2.2 Million


Here we have the latest and recent Connecticut Lotto October 28 2022 held today and released by the Connecticut lottery authority.

 Get Earliest CT Lotto October 28 2022 Results Summary

CT Lotto October 28 2022 Results

CT Lotto –

Friday 28 ,October 2022 (010:59 PM, ET)

Jackpot prize $1.6 Million

CT Lotto Past 30 Days Winning Numbers

The table below has the result summary of the Lotto CT lottery held today:

Drawing DateLottery NamePast Winning NumbersTotal Payout
28 Oct 2022CT Lotto
25 Oct 2022CT Lotto
21 Oct 2022CT Lotto19-22-26-29-35-44$2.1 Million
18 Oct 2022CT Lotto3-8-12-32-35-43$2 Million
14 Oct 2022CT Lotto6-23-27-32-43-44$2 Million
11 Oct 2022CT Lotto9-17-1-20-27-7$1.9 Million
07 Oct 2022CT Lotto8-14-21-29-34-38$1.9 Million
04 Oct 2022CT Lotto1-3-6-9-21-39$1.8 Million
30 Sep 2022CT Lotto4-8-9-14-16-34$1.8 Million
27 Sep 2022CT Lotto6-7-16-22-29-33$1.7 Million
23 Sep 2022CT Lotto2-9-12-14-28-34$1.7 Million
20 Sep 2022CT Lotto4-5-7-14-27-32$1.6 Million
16 Sep 2022CT Lotto6-13-19-21-32-38$1.6 Million
13 Sep 2022CT Lotto1-4-6-13-30-40$1.5 Million
09 Sep 2022CT Lotto3-7-13-22-36-41$1.5 Million
06 Sep 2022CT Lotto6-16-18-21-31-32$1.4 Million
02 Sep 2022CT Lotto1-3-8-14-16-29$1.4 Million
30 Aug 2022CT Lotto18-21-31-38-42-44$1.3 Million
26 Aug 2022CT Lotto2-3-19-36-38-41$1.3 Million
23 Aug 2022CT Lotto5-9-29-32-42-43$1.2 Million
19 Aug 2022CT Lotto12-14-22-35-36-41$1.2 Million
16 Aug 2022CT Lotto1-7-12-13-26-36$1.1 Million
12 Aug 2022CT Lotto5-12-30-37-40-44$1 Million
09 Aug 2022CT Lotto1-8-22-24-29-37$1 Million
05 Aug 2022CT Lotto1-2-11-29-32-35$1 Million
02 Aug 2022CT Lotto6-10-15-25-26-31$1 Million
27 Jul 2022CT Lotto2-6-7-26-28-30$ 1.8illion
26 Jul 2022CT Lotto1-13-16-25-29-44$ 1.8illion
22 Jul 2022CT Lotto2-4-9-14-27-33$ 1.7Million
19 Jul 2022CT Lotto3-13-15-18-31-40$ 1.6Million
15 Jul 2022CT Lotto28-39-29-34-33-30$ 1.6Million
12 Jul 2022CT Lotto5-10-15-17-18-26$ 1.6Million
08 Jul 2022CT Lotto2-3-12-20-24-31$1.5 Million
05 Jul 2022CT Lotto9-23-27-30-35-41$1.5 Million
01 Jul 2022CT Lotto4-8-14-18-34-43$1.4 Million
28 Jun 2022CT Lotto5-8-20-29-36-42$1.4 Million
24 Jun 2022CT Lotto10-21-25-31-41-42$1.3 Million
21 Jun 2022CT Lotto3-11-19-25-26-28$1.3 Million
17 Jun 2022CT Lotto4-7-17-20-36-38$1.2 Million
14 Jun 2022CT Lotto3-4-13-21-32-44$1.2 Millions
10 Jun 2022CT Lotto12-21-27-28-30-40$1.1 Millions
07 Jun 2022CT Lotto1-3-4-32-40-43$1.1 Millions
03 Jun 2022CT Lotto10-11-32-40-42-44$1 Millions

Here you can find CT Lotto lottery winning numbers for today i.e. October 28,2022 and also of the past 30 days, last week, and year for CT Lotto 

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